They risk their lives for us...

the least we can do is risk our dignity for them

Well... where to start?! All of us in this calendar are girlfriends of or related somehow to soldiers. One of our boyfriends has spent this summer this year in Afghanistan as part of the bomb squad. When they go to on tour, you realise how hard it actually is for families and friends at home as well as the boys themselves. You spend day after day worrying what's going on, where he is and if he's ok and it can be quite soul destroying some days. Every day you worry about getting the phone call everyone dreads.  Our hearts truly goes out to the families and soldiers that do get killed or injured. Their strength and bravery is something to be recognised.

Thinking about this as much as we do, we are very grateful for all the money raised and work done by Help for Heroes although we pray our boyfriends, and the other boys with them, will never have to benefit from the funds. We wanted to do something a little different and fun that everyone can enjoy and so the SWAG calendar was born!! We had a great day shooting in July at the Maidstone Barracks and have worked so hard since to make this as good as possible!! Our photographers, Aaron, Dennis and Matt, were fantastic. As were our helpers on the set, Kathryn, Jen and Eileen.

We hope you all like the calendar! Maybe see you next year with some of the boys involved...!

With love,
The Armed Buns Calendar Girls xxxxx